New & Notable: Float by Anne Carson

Coming in highly anticipated from enigmatic poet and classicist Anne Carson, Float is a treat from the moment it is picked up.

The book consists of twenty-two individual chapbooks which “float” (hence the title) inside of a transparent case. The off-kilter presentation is mirrored in its contents, as Carson’s work is ever fragmentary, ever startling, ever prancing towards truth.

Though each chapbook is technically isolated and meant to be read in any order, there is a surprising coherence to the varied themes. The subjects shift from memory to loss to icebergs to Francis Bacon, yet constant throughout seems to be the concept of translation, whether it be language to language—she is a professor of Classics after all—or experience to language, the chief concern of the poet.

Anne Carson is a favourite of many at Librairie D+Q, and with Float has delivered not only an astounding work of poetry, but a tilt on what we expect from a book as artifact.

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