New & Notable: Gaspereau Press

Welcome to the bookstore, Gaspereau Press! Founded in 1997 by Andrew Steeves and Gary Dunfield, this small printer and publisher has forged a name for itself through its commitment to quality books, both as physical artifacts and literary works. 

Self-proclaimed "Literary Outfitters & Cultural Wilderness Guides", the Kentville Nova Scotia based team at Gaspereau have struck a balance between function and form, making books that are both beautiful and built-to-last. Thrice named ‘Best Small Press Publisher’ by The Canadian Booksellers’ Association, the press sticks by its philosophy of reinstating the importance of the physical book; their trade paperbacks are Smyth-sewn for strength and flexibility and sport hand-printed jackets on handmade paper. Gaspereau Press uses an unusual mix of techniques & technologies in its book production, ranging from traditional letterpress printing to modern offset lithographic printing using customized digital type. 

An excerpt from Love and the Mess We're In by Stephen Marche

Gaspereau Press takes advantage of the old adage about books and covers: fans of the press know that one comes for the beautiful cover and stays for the brilliant content. The press has attracted a varied cast of renowned authors, including Tim Bowling, Robert Bringhurst, George Elliott Clarke, Don McKay, Carmine Starnino, John Terpstra, Thomas Wharton & Jan Zwicky. Often employing experimental and innovative typography and with a particular focus on works of poetry and fiction, Gaspereau publishes authors that live up to their lavish treatment. Don't just take our word for it, come on by and get your hands on one of these beautiful books! 

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