Pow Pow Triple Book Launch!

Pow Pow Press will be launching Art Wars, Earthbound and Going Under at the Librairie on October 20th at 7:00 PM! Join us for an evening of fine comics, reasonable wine drinking, public readings and book signing.

Authors Francis Desharnais, Blonk and Zviane will proudly present the new brand new English translations of their respective books. Thick yet charming accents are to be expected. The event starts at 7pm and seating is limited – so come early if you don't want to be stuck in the children's section!

Author Bios:
Zviane: Winner of the 2014 Joe Shuster Award for best Canadian cartoonist, Zviane studied music at Université de Montréal before getting sidetracked by her growing interest in comics. She is the author of For As Long As It Rains, also from Pow Pow Press, as well as the popular L'Ostie d'chat series which was first published as a web cartoon. Apnea was awarded the Bédéis Causa for best album of the year, when it was originally published in French in 2010. She currently live in Montréal.

Blonk: Jean-Claude Aumais has been publishing indie zines under the pen name Blonk for more than a decade. His first graphic novel, Earthbound, was published in French in 2014 – earning him the Réal-Fillion Award for best debut in early 2015. He currently lives in Laval, Québec, where works as a graphic designer. He is currently working on a second book for Pow Pow Press.

Francis Desharnais: Francis Desharnais is the author of Burquette – a popular comic strip which has been adapted as an animated series by the National Film Board of Canada, since its initial publication in 2008. Based in Québec City, Desharnais is also known for his work on the Motel Galactic trilogy as well as Salomé et les hommes en noir and Chroniques d'une fille indigne. He is also a member of Groupe Kiwistiti, an animation collective which he co-founded in 1999.

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