Event Recap: Joe Ollmann's launch of The Abominable Mr. Seabrook

Last night, we welcomed the eminent Joe Ollmann for the launch of his new Drawn & Quarterly published comic-biography The Abominable Mr. Seabrook! 

Stacks of Seabrook
The night kicked off with a loving introduction from D+Q Executive Director Tom Devlin, who recounted the tale of his and Joe's first meeting. "Eventually we... realized we had something else in common besides our previously discussed handsomeness, erectile disfunction, sleep deprivation. That something else was, of course, comics."

Joe's interest in William Seabrook began after reading the forgotten author's brief biography in a zombie story anthology (the word "zombie" being a creation of Seabrook's). According to Joe, what was especially fascinating was how someone could go from such celebrity to obscurity. This question fueled his research and is at the core of the biography.

Joe's presentation was full of insight, charm, and self deprecation ("I know what you're all thinking... at last, a book about an old white guy written by an old white guy!").

Ollmann & Seabrook
He shared many of the documents that informed his book, some original sketches, and his two cents on the controversial author—"It's not Seabrook's aberrations that interest me, but his willingness to write about them. That interests me."

Handwritten and photo-copied—for added effect!

A full house of friends and comics-fans joined us for the presentation and subsequent book-signing. Big thanks to Joe and everyone who came out and made our first event of 2017 a success!

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