In case you missed it! Event Recap: Emily Schultz and Neil Smith

The night began with our manager Laura introducing the guests and joking about the brilliance of Emily's blog Spending the Stephen King Money (which you should check out).

Neil Smith was the first to read from his forthcoming novel (!)  The Last of the Orangutans: a story set in an alternate reality where redheads are hunted as witches, and two young witches attempt to pass incognito despite their telepathy and telekinesis powers, culminating in well...we'll keep you in suspense. 

Following Neil came Emily who is currently on tour promoting her new book Men Walking on Water.  She joked-not-joked that she is at the point in her tour where she’s becoming bored with herself so she shook things up by reading us something she had not yet read onstage. On her husband's advice, Emily decided to read us some "racy scenes."  

As a set up to the book's genesis, she explained that she started writing Men Walking on Water because she learned a long-held family secret that her grandfather had been a rum-runner in Detroit ("Grandpa Schultz was a big guy, gave really hard hugs, wore pink in his old age") along with his brother who died in the the frozen Detroit River when their car fell through the ice when they were smuggling booze.

Then followed an informal discussion between the two authors. They’re friends and it was nice to hear them chat about their work, the process, the struggles, relationships with editors, inspiration, movie options, world building, etc. Growing up in Utah Neil would tell people he and his family “weren’t atheist, we were Canadian” to which Emily chimed in,“I’m half atheist myself!”

Emily’s anticipated next project is about twin girls in the nineties, and one of them might have committed a crime...Stay tuned to her prolific career!

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