New D&Q: R. Sikoyak's Terms and Conditions!

Have you ever bothered to read the iTunes Terms and Conditions? If you're like me and you answered no to this last question, don't fret! R. Sikoyak, whose previous comic-book adaptations have combined cartoons with classic literature (think Dostoevsky in the style of Batman) has tackled the mind-numbing heft of Apple's infamous document with his satirical pen. He's turned 20,000 words of legal jargon into an illustrated, unabridged, 94-page graphic adaptation of the contract we all agree to but never wanted to read -- until now!

What makes this adaptation so interesting is that Sikoryak, a masterful stylistic chameleon, has rendered each page in the style of a different well-known comic artist (including a few of D&Q's own)! In each one, the main character is some version of Apple's late founder, Steve Jobs, who appears variusly as a ripped superhero, comic buffoon, or moody artiste (but always in signature dad jeans, sneakers, and turtleneck).

The complete legal agreement is made more accessible while paying comic book-style homage to some big names in classic strips – Seth, Raina Telgemeier, Allie Brosh, Craig Thompson, Daniel Clowes, Kate Beaton, Alison Bechdel, Moebius, and Marjane Satrapi to name a few. Here's him doing Kate Beaton:

And Marjane Satrapi!

And Allie Brosh!

And Seth!

And Alison Bechdel!

Even Moebius! (You get the idea).

Terms and Conditions is out today! You can also read this great profile of Sikoryak in the New York Times!

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