New D&Q: Sticks Angelica, Folk Hero

Sticks Angelica, Folk Hero hits shelves today! This latest book from Michael Deforge collects comics that tell the story of Sticks Angelica and life at Monterey National Park.

A cast of unforgettable characters populate the strips, from Oatmeal the grain rabbit to Lisa Hanawalt a cross-dressing moose, some geese, a local bear, ants, and a cameo by journalist and Sticks' self-styled biographer, Michael Deforge himself.

In true Deforgeian form, his rendering of nature is deeply weird and yet, somehow familiar. Recurring themes like transformation, cruelty in nature, and Christmas are all handled with his characteristic dry sense of humour and strange insight.

Deforge has a rare talent for transposing the most poignant and relatable moments to scenarios so absurd it becomes metaphysical poetry. Familial estrangement (when it's Sticks at 49 running away from home), the unrequited love of a rabbit for a woman, or a profoundly uncomfortable moose's feelings of bodily imprisonment are all hilarious and simultaneously super affecting.

Don't miss Deforge's appearance at the store this Thursday, March 16th at 7 pm! He'll be here to read and sign and answer all of your burning questions!

And don't miss your opportunity to snag a Sensual Canada t-shirt, featuring the dirty geese! On sale now with purchase of a book! ❤

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