New D+Q: Guy Delisle's Hostage!

The new and highly anticipated Guy Delisle book, Hostage, is out today on Drawn & Quarterly! For Delisle, well known for his masterful travelogues like Shenzhen and Pyongyang, Hostage is a departure from his regular style towards a different sort of memoir. It tells the story of Christophe André, a young NGO administrator working for Doctors Without Borders, and his kidnapping by a group of Chechen rebels in 1997. At more than 400 pages - the bulk of which depict a man confined to one room and handcuffed to a radiator - Delisle proves his cartooning prowess, keeping readers on the edge of their seats!

There's rarely a dull moment in André's ordeal. Delisle skillfully conveys the psychological effects of solitary confinement as he transports you into André's physical and mental space more completely with each panel. Held by his captors for a period lasting over three months, the pacing of the storytelling is perfect and I was rapt right up until the exhilarating finale.

On Saturday, May 6th Guy Delisle will be in Montreal to launch Hostage at the Rialto Hall! Join us there for a discussion of the book and signing. Tickets are $5 or free with purchase of the book at Librairie D+Q. Tickets are also for sale online

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