New & Notable

Down Below - Leonora Carrington (NYRB Classics)

Published in commemoration of the centennial of Carrington's birth, Down Below is the surrealist painter's account of her war-related psychotic break and subsequent institutionalization.

Of Cats and Men - Sam Kalda (Ten Speed Press)

For centuries, felines and femininity have been practically synonymous—hence the reproachable "crazy cat lady" stereotype. Of Cats and Men takes the initiative in celebrating some of history's famous, cat-loving men! 

The Humane Gardener - Nancy Lawson (Princeton Architectural Press)

Columnist and gardener Nancy Lawson makes an earnest and eloquent plea for compassion and respect towards all species.

Book of Mutter - Kate Zambreno (Semiotext(e))

Written in a thirteen-year period after her mother's death, Book of Mutter is Kate Zambreno's intimate and disquieting portrayal of grief in all of its manifestations.  

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