New D+Q: Mimi Pond's The Customer is Always Wrong

Out today is the newest book from acclaimed cartoonist Mimi Pond! Mimi's storytelling finesse was introduced in her previous memoir Over Easy, and the earnest, unabashed style is on full display in The Customer is Always Wrong.

Oakland in the late 70s is full of gregarious drunks, thieves, and sleazes, a crowd which frequents the restaurant at which our protagonist—na├»ve yet idealistic artist Madge—waitresses.

While her art career starts to take off, those around her begin to spiral down into addiction ("Let's all feel 20 minutes younger!") and crime.

The exploits in The Customer is Always range from the hilariously depraved to the devastating—from bonding with would-be assailants over comic strips ("And who's that other dude, R. Crumb? That's some wild shit, man."), to ice-baths to awaken someone who has overdosed.

Mimi Pond has created comics for, among others, the LA Times, Seventeen Mag, and National Lampoon, as well as writing for television, most notably on the first full-length episode of The Simpsons!

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