New DQ: Poppies of Iraq

We're so pleased to welcome Poppies of Iraq to our shelves today! Written by Brigitte Findakly and illustrated by her husband, cartoonist Lewis Trondheim, the memoir tenderly chronicles a childhood touched by war, loss, and oppressive regimes.

With spare and intimate detail, Poppies of Iraq (translated from the French by Helge Dascher) recounts Findakly's experience growing up as the child of middle class Orthodox Christians in an increasingly hostile Mosul. Her family's eventual move to Paris, and their hope for the best for their homeland, is told with nuance and nostalgia, painting an astounding portrait of exile, loneliness, and the unshakable connection to home. 

Some praise for Poppies of Iraq:

"Poppies of Iraq is a beautiful portrait of a life lived in cultural translation, its pages filled with humor and a nostalgia made complicated with age."—Bomb Magazine

"This personal portrayal of the impact of war and societal upheaval on one family will help many Western readers to see how the past half-century of conflict has devastated a region rich in ancient culture. Small in size but large in impact, this intimate memoir is a highly relevant and compassionate story of family, community, prejudice, and the struggle to love when the forces of the world push groups apart."—Kirkus

"Expressive and poetic, this nuanced book brings to the fore memories of an Iraqi childhood, the country's culture and its wisdom, in face of...current events. ...An essential read."—Le Figaro

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