Event recap: Eileen Myles launches AFTERGLOW: A Dog Memoir

This past Tuesday, the 24th of October, we at La Petite Librairie Drawn and Quarterly were graced by the incredible Eileen Myles for the launch of AFTERGLOW: A Dog Memoir.

Montrealers came in droves and packed the house for Myles. The American poet, novelist, teacher, and performer has published over twenty books, run for president, and is the recipient of a Guggenheim Fellowship, four Lambda Book Awards, and the Clark Prize for excellence in art writing.

After an introduction by D+Q staffer, Benjamin, Myles took to the stage, and dedicated the reading to their parents. Prefacing that they "couldn't resist a bad pun", they then gifted us this gem: "How is a puppy like a radio station? Wee paws for station identification."

Next came a breathless reading from AFTERGLOW. Throughout the half-hour reading, there was hardly a pause. This headlong pace was no accident, as Myles explained afterwards: "I totally love that Virginia Woolf thing: it is the flow, not the words.”

Here are two notable quotes from an exceptional reading:

"We mourn the loss of the letter but dogs mourn the loss of the thought."

"Cursive was a photo of the nerves of the writer. "

Thanks to all of you who came out despite the dreary weather, and thanks especially to Eileen Myles for the wonderful evening.

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