*TONIGHT* Exquisite Corpse (Drawn & Quarterly x Metatron) Nuit Blanche en Montréal 2018

In tandem with Nuit Blanche, Mile End bookshop Librairie Drawn & Quarterly partners with Montreal-based publisher Metatron for a gathering of nighthawks and poets. Festival-goers are invited to experience 'Exquisite Corpse'—a surreal evening of collective curiosity. Known for their unique and dynamic events, Metatron has curated an evening that will not only feature an interactive, digital, collective writing experiment, but also a marathon-style reading featuring a dozen young, local writers. Come for a bit or stay for the whole thing! We have a numinous evening in the works to stimulate your mind with exquisite musings!

Drawn & Quarterly, librairie du Mile-End, s’associe à l’éditeur indépendant montréalais Metatron pour un rassemblement de noctambules et de poètes. Les festivaliers sont invités à participer à « cadavre exquis », un jeu d’écriture collectif surréaliste. Des auteurs de Metatron nous feront le plaisir d’une lecture et dirigeront un atelier d’écriture « alt ».


○ ALEX MANLEY | 'We Are All Just Animals & Plants' (Metatron)

○ ASHLEY OBSCURA | 'I Am Here' (Metatron)

○ CASON SHARPE | 'Our Lady of Perpetual Realness and Other Stories' (Metatron)

○ DAPHNÉ B | Delete (L'Oie de Cravan)

○ FAWN PARKER | 'Looking Good and Having a Good Time' (Metatron)

○ JAKE BYRNE | 'The Tide' (Rahila's Ghost Press)


○ KLARA DU PLESSIS | 'Ekke' (Palimpsest Press) and 'Wax Lyrical' (Anstruther Press)

○ LAUREN TURNER | We’re Not Going To Do Better Next Time (Knife/Fork/Book)

○ MARCELA HUERTA | 'Tropico' (Metatron)



○ SADIE AVERY | 'Meanwhile, Elsewhere' (Topside Press)


FREE! 11pm - 1am Saturday, March 3rd, 2018 @ La Petite Librairie Drawn & Quarterly

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