New D+Q - Paperback edition of Killing and Dying

So excited about this new paperback edition of Killing and Dying


With Killing and Dying, Adrian Tomine reaffirms his place as one of the great voices of modern American literature. In Tomine's series of short stories, he adresses themes of abuse, sex work, loneliness, grief, loss, and so much more, with such delicacy and consideration.

In his story ''Amber Sweet'', he highlights the double standards faced by women with regards to their sexuality, and develops intimate relationships between women with few words. 


Translated, from the Japanese'' illustrates a woman's love for  her child and the difficult circumstances she faces. While the story is left vague, the ending ambiguous, and the characters faces unseen, the feeling behind the images and imagery propels the narrative forward.

While the original hardcover  is quite stunning, the new edition is easily portable and just as charming. Haven't read Killing and Dying yet? Read it and want to gift this new and sleek paperback to a friend? Here's your chance!

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