New D+Q: The Dangerous Journey by Tove Jansson!

The Dangerous Journey—the last picture book completed by the preeminent Tove Jansson—hits stores today! 

In gorgeous watercolour illustrations and a whimsical lyricism, Jansson tells the tale of Susanna, a precocious youth fed up with her humdrum day-to-day. Though she is surrounded by beauty and gentleness, Susanna aches for adventure.

One day, as Susanna dons a mysterious pair of spectacles, the tedious is transformed into the treacherousthe meadow in which she was reading morphs into a series of perilous landscapes. 

As ever, the pleasures derived from Jansson's tales of Moominvalley flow in deep and beguiling channels—running the gamut from quaint playfulness to nostalgic rumination. The Dangerous Journey, published for the first time in North America, is a delight to adults and children, Moomin die-hards and newbies, the serious and the impish, alike.

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