New D+Q: Love That Bunch by Aline Kominksy-Crumb!

Here at the librairie we are gearing up for the launch of Aline Kominsky-Crumb's new collection, Love That Bunch, happening this Tuesday April 24th at 7 pm at La Petite D+Q!

Collecting comics from the 1970s through today, Love That Bunch is shockingly prescient while still being an authentic story of its era. Kominsky-Crumb was ahead of her time in juxtaposing the contradictory nature of female sexuality with a proud, complicated feminism. Most importantly, she does so without apology.

Kominsky-Crumb traces her steps from a Beatles loving fangirl, East Village groupie, an adult grappling with her childhood, an 80s housewife and mother, to a new 30-page story Dream House that looks back on her childhood, 40 years later. One of the most famous and idiosyncratic cartoonists of our time, Love That Bunch will be Kominksy-Crumb's only solo-authored book in print.

Aline Kominsky-Crumb will appear in conversation with Hillary Chute, author of Why Comics? From Underground to Everywhere, at La Petite D+Q (176 Bernard O) on Tuesday April 24th at 7 pm. See you there!

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