Event Recap: Michael Ondaatje Launches Warlight

May has been such a whirlwind of excitement here at Librairie D+Q. The great Michael Ondaatje visited to participate in a live taping of Writers & Company with the equally great Eleanor Wachtel. The crowd was packed and thrilled to hear one of their favourite legends in person.

Warlight explores the story of a mother “lost” as a result of war, but perhaps not lost in death.. Her children tackle this investigation, and in doing so portrays an intricate tale of their own childhood. When asked about the connections between this story of a family, and his own lived live Ondaatje remarked, “I think we do find our home and our family later in life.”

Acclaimed novelist and Librairie D+Q friend Heather O’Neill started off the entire evening introducing Ondaatje. After which of course Michael was delighted to share, "That was the best introduction I have ever had!"

Wachtel, with her undeniable detail to the work, investigated the mindset this notable writer, exploring just how his timeless stories come to creation. Of Warlight, Ondaatje said, “It started with a sentence.”

We hope there were aspiring writers in the audience, as Ondaatje was sharing concrete advice with regards to the skill. For one, "I never listen to music while writing, as it gives one a false confidence. I tried once with ‘Lucille’ and just couldn’t do it."

Thank you Michael Ondaatje, Eleanor Wachtel, and Heather O’Neill for honouring us with this very special evening. Be sure to watch out for the official recording at Writers & Company. In the meantime, we leave you with one surprising fact… “I had a puppet show that got axed...in the book—not in reality.”—Michael Ondaatje

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