New D+Q : SHIT IS REAL by Aisha Franz

Shit is Real, by German illustrator and comic book artist Aisha Franz, is out today !

Aisha Franz's uses chalky pencils to create a futurist world in which we follow Selma, a young woman who falls into a depression after an unexpected breakup. As Selma struggles to accomplish simple tasks and feels more and more disconnected from her friends, she experiences "a series of reveries and emotional setbacks".

One day, Selma witnesses another couple breakup. As she follows the male of that couple, Anders, and soon starts to date him, she finds out that the woman in that same couple is actually her neighbour, into whose apartment she can see through a narrow cleft in her wall. One day, Selma sees her mysterious and glamorous neighbour leaving her apartment for a business trip and forgetting her key card behind her. Selma hesitates, but soon can't resist : she uses the key card to enter her neighbour's apartment.

Click here to visit Aisha Franz's author page, and come by the store to pick up a copy of Shit is Real!

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