New D+Q: Berlin by Jason Lutes!

Jason Lutes' Berlin is out today! 20 years in the making, this epic narrative tracks the rise of fascism through years in the titular city before WWII. Lutes has been publishing Berlin in serialized comics with Drawn + Quarterly for two decades The final installment was published last spring, and this edition brings the whole story together in a one volume.  An incredible comic achievement!

Berlin's story is seen through they eyes of the everyday. It is populated with journalists and artists, communists and fascists, the hopeful and the resigned. Through these characters, we witness the ways in which radical political shifts are quickly normalized. 

It is required reading in trying to comprehend the current high-stakes political and social divisions happening in the US right now, in addition to nations especially impacted by migration, injustice, and rising wealth disparity. 

For those who already have the first two paperback editions of Berlin, the third and final volume, City of Light is also available in the store, although the complete edition is a must-have for every comic enthusiast.

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